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What’s included in our cleaning services?

Use our chart to decide if you need regular or specialty cleaning services

  • General
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
Cleaning TaskStandard CleaningDeep CleaningMove in/out

Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for You


Refrigerator cleaning

Revive your refrigerator's freshness and cleanliness with RiteMaid's expert touch. Our meticulous cleaning eliminates lingering odors and restores a hygienic environment for your food.


Oven cleaning

Let RiteMaid banish tough oven grime for you. Our specialized cleaning tackles grease and residue, leaving your oven spotless and ready for your culinary creations.


Laundry service

Experience the convenience of RiteMaid's laundry service. We handle your laundry with care, ensuring your clothes return to you fresh, clean, and ready to wear.


Interior Window Cleaning

RiteMaid transforms your view with crystal-clear windows. Our professional interior window cleaning leaves your windows streak-free, allowing natural light to flood your space.


Cabinet Cleaning

RiteMaid restores order and hygiene to your cabinets. Our thorough cleaning removes dust, grime, and clutter, providing you with organized, spotless storage.


Sweep & Mop Floors

Step onto perfectly clean floors with RiteMaid's sweeping and mopping service. We ensure every corner is pristine, leaving your space refreshingly clean.


Disinfect Surfaces

RiteMaid takes your safety seriously. Our meticulous surface disinfection eradicates germs, providing you with a clean and healthy environment for your family or employees.


Take Out Trash

RiteMaid keeps your space clutter-free. Our efficient trash removal ensures that your environment remains clean and inviting.


Clean Bathtub and Shower

RiteMaid rejuvenates your bathroom oasis. Our expert cleaning tackles soap scum and grime, transforming your bathtub and shower into a clean haven.


Kitchen Cleaning

RiteMaid transforms your kitchen into a hygienic haven. Our comprehensive cleaning covers every surface, allowing you to cook and dine in a spotless environment.


Bathroom Cleaning

RiteMaid revitalizes your bathroom's cleanliness. Our meticulous cleaning leaves your bathroom fresh, creating a serene and hygienic space.


Post Construction Cleaning

RiteMaid transforms construction zones into livable spaces. Our expert cleaning removes dust and debris, providing you with a clean canvas to enjoy.


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App is Coming soon!

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